Summary Scoring & Revision

The following application is our Researcher's Interface to the Summary Scoring and Revision programs. This interface provides access to the underlying LSA measures, e.g. cosine comparisons between the student summary and the original text & expert summaries. You can also look at redundancy and repetition measures by checking Sentence to Sentence Checks.

In an application designed for middle school students, the LSA measures are translated into verbal feedback to assist students in revising and improving their summaries. If you would like to use this interface please go to our program called State the Essence!

In our first evaluation of this system, texts concerning alternative forms of energy were summarized by middle school students. In our second evaluation of this system, texts concerning pre-Columbian civilizations were summarized by middle school students. To see the texts, select from this list:

The Aztecs
The Incas
The Maya
Appropriate Technology
Solar Energy
Wind Energy

To evaluate a summary, please select a topic from the pulldown list below, enter the student's initials, then enter the summary. Then press the Submit Summary button.
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