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More Information on the State the Essence! Research Project:


State the Essence! is a central part of the Articulate Learners Project at the University of Colorado.



The guidelines for writing a summary in the Introduction to State the Essence! are an elaboration of Brown and Day's "macrorules" -- the mental operations used by expert readers when they remember the gist of what they are reading (Brown, A. L. & Day, J.D., 1983. Macrorules for summarizing texts: The development of expertise. Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior, 22, 1-14.)

Other suggestions are based on a general checklist developed by Rinehart, et al. (Rinehart, S. D., Stahl, S. A, & Erickson, L. G., 1986. Some effects of summarization training on reading and studying. Reading Research Quarterly, 21, 422-438.)

Please send ideas and feedback to the State the Essence webmaster. The people who made State the Essence! are interested to know if you think it was helpful and how you think it could be improved. Click here for more information on this research project.