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In this section, you will find basic and advanced information about the LSA theory and scientific applications.

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These applications permit you to select an available LSA semantic space and run some comparison experiments. Each application consists of a form where you are to include the text(s) that you want to make LSA comparisons with (as well as a number of options). After you submit the form, the LSA programs will make the desired comparisons and return the results to a new web page. You can save the results using your browser's Save Frame menu.


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In this section, you will find several demonstrations for applications of LSA.


Educational Text Selection

Cross Language Retrieval

Essay Scoring

Summary Scoring & Revision

We recommend that new users look through the Application and Demonstration Info links before jumping into application use. You might be familiar with LSA through reading a paper or attending a conference presentation, however, you may find some aspects of the applications and demonstrations confusing without first looking at the documentation.


Papers are available in both Postscript and PDF formats. PDF can be read online only with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. It can be downloaded from Adobe.

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